CALL to protest

Radical anti-abortionists are planning yet another „March of a 1000 Crosses“ through Munich’s city centre on the 11th May 2019 to protest against abortions. We’re not willing to accept this kind of anti-feminist propaganda! That’s why we’re inviting you to join us as we will march the streets on the 10th and 11th of May 2019.

On the 10th of May we will celebrate OUR LIFE & OUR DECISIONS and take our feminist positions out onto the streets. With a lot of glitter and music we are going to demonstrate against dull, grey norms. The rally starts at 7:30pm at Karl-Stützel-Platz.

On the 11th of May we are going to sabotage the march of the self-proclaimed „Pro Life Activists“ and tell them to go to hell! There will be various rallies and actions to ruin the fundamentalist’s day.

In times of right-wing mass mobilizations it is necessary to stick together and defend what has been fought for and achieved. The self-proclaimed „Pro Life“ movement profits significantly from the shift towards the right and at the same time consciously spreads (extreme) right positions by proclaiming that the white, heterosexual family is the norm. With the so-called „March of a 1000 Crosses“ they demand a general ban on abortions and spread their christian fundamentalist world view. They pretend to be „pro life“, supposedly represent the „culture of life“… this is mockery when you take into consideration the many thousand people who die each year around the world from the consequences of an abortion and the approximately seven million people who experience serious complications because they don’t have access to safe abortions.

Pro Choice does not mean we’re pro abortion! But a world in which abortions no longer occur does not exist. Abortions have always existed and will always exist. That is why we fight for people with unwanted pregnancies to be able to make a decision without being pressured by radical fundamentalists, stigmatized by society or criminalized by the state.  The disgusting positions of self-proclaimed life-protectors must not remain unchallenged – whether in Berlin, Salzburg, Bern, Munich or anywhere else in the world, we will fight them.

That’s why we will protest on the streets together on 10th and 11th of May.  We live as we want and we decide as we want!  


That society rethinks! It should not matter,

  • if somebody is born with or without disabilities. We are against normative selection through prenatal diagnostics.
  • what sexuality, gender identity and expression you live. The so-called „conversion therapy“ is torture.
  • whether people are intersexual or trans-masculine, if they are pregnant, they must have access to independent consultancies.

And we demand,

  • the immediate elimination of the paragraphs 218 and 219a StGB. The criminalization of pregnant persons and doctors must stop immediately.
  • more clinics and practices where abortions can be carried out and full cost coverage of abortions by health insurance funds.
  • that abortions become a compulsory part of medical training and that doctors can no longer refuse abortions without giving reasons.
  • free access to contraceptives